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HOUSTON, Texas — A school district in Texas is once again hoping to lure local NC teachers to their area.

Recruiters with the Houston Independent school district, one of the largest in the country, are planning a trip to Greensboro Nov. 18 with an offer some teachers may find hard to resist.

The starting salary for a first-year teacher is $49,100 — which will be offered to qualified teachers willing to move to Texas.

The district is hoping to fill much needed positions in Houston. Some may even be offered jobs on the spot.

Many teachers are even considering it with hopes of making more money as promised.

Earlier this year, educators in Houston began posting ads in local newspapers and online in an attempt to recruit North Carolina teachers.

One ad, placed in the Raleigh News & Observer, read, “Calling all North Carolina Teachers!” The ad shows a promised starting salary of $46,805, which is reportedly about $16,000 more per year than what teachers in North Carolina got paid earlier this year.

The district in Houston is now offering $49,100 for a starting salary.

This caught the attention of lawmakers and legislators passed what they’ve called the largest teacher pay raise in the state’s history.

But many educators pointed out that the seven percent raise was average and geared towards newer teachers, not those who are tenured.

“People in North Carolina are very frustrated right now,” said Rodney Ellis, president of the N.C. Association of Educators.

Ellis said last year alone more than 1,000 teachers left large school districts like Wake and Cumberland County for higher paying salaries in other states. Virgina and South Carolina have also lured teachers away for higher salaries.