Recent drug bust at Greensboro convenience store could lead to future arrests

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Agents with the Department of Public Safety believe that the bust that happened on Church Street Friday evening could lead to future arrests.

On Friday, alcohol law enforcement officials with DPS finished a months-long drug investigation in Greensboro that began at a convenience store on Church Street.

The chief DPS agent in charge of the operation explained that Greensboro police notified them of consistent drug activity outside of the PRD Mart at 3601 N. Church St. The agent described the scene as an “open market,” where people were openly selling drugs to customers. Sometimes this was observed by investigators in broad daylight.

In one instance a gun was also observed being sold.

This investigation led to two search warrants, five arrests, 83 charges and over 300 grams of various illegal drugs being seized.

Officials also searched a suspect’s home at 115 Heritage Creek Way.

In total 250 grams of crack cocaine, 43 grams of heroin, 39 grams of marijuana, two guns, drug paraphernalia, a vehicle and a large amount of cash were seized.

Johnnie Pettigrew, 53, of Greensboro, and Reginald Washington, 27, of Greensboro, were arrested and face 13 charges each.

Prabin Bun, 30, of High Point, is believed to be the owner of the PRD Mart and was arrested as well. Authorities said he openly knew about the dealing of drugs in his parking lot, and did not take steps to stop it.

Suresh Subedi, 24, of Greensboro, and Imourana Issa, 23, of Greensboro, are said to be employees at PRD who are said to have known about the criminal activity.

“You know, that’s scary,” Pat Taylor told FOX8 News on Monday morning. “That’s real scary now.”

She and her son, Britt, live near the convenience store and witnessed Friday’s bust.

Britt was outside raking leaves with the undercover SUV’s pulled up. “I looked across the street and there’s eight or nine SUVs all lit up … lit up on the side and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, something’s going on over there.’”

They said they were not shocked to hear that authorities had busted a drug-dealing operation.

Pat even went as far as to say that she doesn’t believe the drug dealing with stop, but rather move to a different location. “It’s a way of life. They’ll show up somewhere else, you know. That’s their job … It’s true, and it’s a pitiful life.”

Her son Britt expressed great concern with the possibilities of it returning. “If it goes wrong and guns could be involved, you know, as in you see that on the news anywhere.”

Both Pettigrew and Washington are being held on a $500,000 bond.

Authorities believe the evidence collected at this scene will help them determine what other areas of the city need to be investigated next.

ALE officials were joined by the FBI, the SBI and the Greensboro Police Department.

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