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BARANGAY MARIGONDON, Philippines — A rare megamouth shark washed ashore in the Philippines Wednesday.

The 15-foot megamouth shark was dead, but locals named the creature “Toothless” because of its resemblance to the dragon on “How to Train Your Dragon.”

According to marine biologist, Christopher Bird, fewer than 70 megamouth sharks have ever been spotted.

On his blog, Bird explained that 85 percent of the sightings were recorded in the Pacific Ocean.

So, what is a megamouth shark? 

Well, scientist didn’t know about this species of shark until 1976, when a U.S. Navy vessel caught one on its anchor, according to a Mashable article.

Still, very little is known about the species.

Scientists do know that sharks like “Toothless” usually swim at depths of about 650 feet.