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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — With just six weeks until the midterm elections, a candidate in the Randolph County sheriff’s race has been accused of cyberstalking and making false statements.

Attorney Charles Browne filed a criminal summons against candidate Eric Hicks this week. Court documents show that Hicks made false statements against Browne electronically to the effect that Browne had broken the law by using cocaine.

“It may be an urban myth. I’ve said it, thousands of people have said it. But I’m running for sheriff and he doesn’t like that,” Hicks said.

The summons said that the false statements were made to annoy, harass or embarrass Browne.

Browne said statements made by Hicks about alleged drug use were completely false. He said Wednesday that he previously sent Hicks a warning letter in May after he made other accusations.

“I want his conduct stopped, his conduct violates the law and it shouldn’t be tolerated,” Browne said.

Hicks said he planned to address the accusations at a candidate forum planned Thursday night in Randolph County.

“I’ll address it there just as with everyone else. He tries to intimidate folks in our community and has for years and he’s not going to intimidate me,” he said.

Browne declined requests for an interview on camera or over the phone and said he will wait for the courts to find the truth in the matter.

Hicks will appear in court on Oct. 22.