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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — A Bitcoin data mining facility could be coming to Randolph County.

There’s a rezoning request to turn over the 11-acre property off Old Lexington Road and Spencer Meadow Road from residential property to industrial.

People living and working nearby told FOX8 they’re not happy about this. 

“I heard birds a-singing,” said Beverly Hoover. 

For 62 years, that’s the sound that Hoover has woken up to every morning. Soon, that might change.

“It’ll [sound] like jet engines,” she said. 

Hoover lives less than 100 yards away from where a bitcoin data mining facility could go if Randolph County leaders approve the re-zoning proposal.

“It’s a giant metal warehouse, with rows of servers built up, with types of computer processors, and they all run together,” explained Matthew Altamura, a lawyer hired by several families in the neighborhood. “It looks like they have four tractor trailer sized set ups they want to put out there.”

Altamura told FOX8 there are a lot of concerns with this un-manned data farm.

“When you’re running giant server farms, it’s a tremendous amount of heat,” he said. “They use giant industrial fans that produce a lot of noise. That noise not only disturbs all of the neighborhoods but surrounding businesses, too.”

In addition to the noise pollution, Altamura is also concerned with the possibility of home values declining and the impact on wildlife.

On the other side of the plot of land in question is the Asheboro Country Club and the Matt Shiflet Stables.

The owner of the stables told FOX8 on the phone that he is concerned about the possible noise and the impact it could have on the more than 100 horses they have there.

Altamura believes there is more harm than good.

“The only benefit we can see is for the people attempting to do it. If they were successful in mining, they would derive values from the coins they find,” he added. 

“I just want this beauty over here to last. I want it to be quiet,” Hoover said. “There’s no reason why we should have to endure this.”

FOX8 did reach out to one of the owners of the property and was told he was not at home at the time. 

FOX8 crews were assured the owner would receive the message. 

The Randolph County planning board will be meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 13 and will discuss the rezoning proposal.