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LIBERTY, N.C. –A Randolph County neighborhood is on alert after three dogs attacked multiple family pets near Liberty.

FOX8 talked to seven people who have seen the dogs. They say they are pit bull mixes.

Linda and Isaac Fortune keep their dog, Bear, near their garden to scare away deer. But it was dogs that appeared out of the woods Saturday and attacked.

“My husband said, ‘Oh they’re trying to kill Bear, trying to kill Bear! Get my rifle get my rifle!'” said Linda.

The Fortunes scared the dogs off, but they came back and bit Bear on the neck and head.

“Two of them were going back down this way and I shot at them. This was Saturday, and I haven’t seen them since Saturday.”

Her neighbors have also seen the dogs.

Eddie Tuck came home from the vet Tuesday with his family dog, Cocoa.

Tuck said the same three dogs attacked Cocoa this weekend, pinning her down and biting off parts of her leg. The wounds exposed the dog’s muscle and bone.

The vet cleaned the wounds and instructed the Tucks to limit Cocoa’s activity and keep her inside. They hope she will recover.

“My son came out of the house and with some effort was able to run them off,” explained Tuck. “This same pack of dogs came back through yesterday and attacked another pair of dogs on the next property. Killing one, possibly two, and maiming others.”

Kelli York witnessed that third attack on her neighbor’s hunting beagles Monday.

“It was horrible. I’ve never witnessed anything that brutal in my life,” she said slowly. Kelli has had trouble sleeping last night, unable to shake the image of the dogs attacking.

She and her mom did snap a photo of the dog pack. She said one was white, another was blank with a white spot on the back of his neck, and the third was blackish brown.

“I have a daughter, a two-year-old daughter, so if they can do that to a helpless little dog no telling what they could do to a kid.” Kelli said she and her other neighbors are afraid to even go outside with kids until the dogs are caught.

FOX8 notified Randolph County Animal Control Tuesday to make sure they were aware of the attacks.

Neighbors say Randolph County deputies responded over the weekend, but the dogs were already gone. They were told if the dogs came on their property and were a threat again, they had a right to attempt to capture or shoot them.

“It’s terrorizing the neighborhood,” added Isaac Fortune. “The whole neighborhood is under alert now. It’s like a storm. It’s coming. You don’t know when it’s gonna hit. But it’s gonna hit. Who’s dog is gonna be the next dog? Who’s child the next child?”

They urge everyone in the area to be careful and not approach the three dogs or leave pets outside.