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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — Shannon Rice and her kids had been searching for their missing Siberian Husky, Toby, for days. They last saw Toby when he was playing the yard in the snow last Wednesday.

“I thought honestly that maybe somebody thought that he was a pretty dog and picked him up and was going to keep him,” Rice said.

The family put up signs, offered a reward and scoured the neighborhood in their car for hours every night. Rice says she got dozens of calls about Toby, but they all lead to dead ends.

Saturday night, Rice got a call from the person who found Toby.

“She just said that he had drowned in the pond and that they had pulled him out and she had taken his collar off and she described what the collar looked like,” Rice said.

Rice couldn’t look at Toby after her sons brought him home, but they told her his head was beaten so badly they could barely recognize him.

“Who would hurt a dog period, much less a puppy that’s a year old and so friendly. Just — it’s crazy,” Rice said.

Rice says she is afraid to be in her neighborhood after knowing what happened to Toby.

“I’ve kind of lost faith in our community a little bit. I mean there was so much help, but at the same time, some really sick person lives around here and that’s really scary,” she said.

Rice says she plans to go to police and report what happened to Toby.