Randolph Co. mother outraged after 9-year-old son shot by air rifle in drive-by

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TRINITY, N.C. -- A Randolph County mother is outraged after she says someone shot her 9-year-old son with an air-powered rifle in a drive-by shooting.

Caleb Allred, 9, of Trinity, was playing with his brother in the front yard of his family's home on Sumner Road on Friday, June 20.

One of the boys hit a golf ball across the street into some tall grass. It was their only ball, so they went to look for it.

That's when Caleb's mother, Lisa, says she saw a late 1990s or early 2000s model Ford Ranger, with a pinstripe along the side, coming up the road.

"That Ford Ranger, he came through, he swerved a little over onto the other side of the road," said Lisa.

That's when Lisa says the driver pointed some sort of air-powered rifle at Caleb and pulled the trigger, hitting him in the leg.

"I heard the pop, said to myself 'what was that?' Looked and saw him flinch," she said.

Some experts say some modern day air-powered rifles can fire projectiles up to 1,500 feet per second. They say air-powered rifles can cause similar damage to a .22 caliber rifle. At first, that's exactly what Lisa thought it was.

"All I could think at the time was he shot my son," the mother said. "I come running off the porch, we met about half way and he was screaming."

Caleb says he made eye contact with the driver, who he says had short black hair. As he drove away, Caleb says, the driver smiled.

"How he can look at a 9-year-old and know he shot him, and then smile at him is beyond me," said Lisa. "I can't even describe to you the anger and then the fear."

The mother says there is a surveillance camera on a business across the street, which did catch the vehicle on video.

However, she says Randolph County Sheriff's officials told her they could not see the license plate because the tailgate on the truck was down. Therefore, she is asking for the public's help in identifying the people responsible.

Caleb did not need medical treatment, but Lisa says if the projectile had hit Caleb somewhere else, it could have been much worse.

"Eye, temple, anything. I mean, it could have probably killed my child," said Lisa.

Lisa says the driver had a passenger in the car with him. They believe both of the people in the truck were in their late teens or early 20s.

Lisa says sheriff's officials told her the people responsible could face charges of assault on a minor.

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