PTI Airport to install noise monitors



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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Piedmont Triad International Airport will begin permanently monitoring noise around the airport.

The airport bought seven monitors. Staff will install the monitors in different neighborhoods along flight paths, according to the airport’s executive director, Kevin Baker.

“We all hope that we get busier, and we hope that there are more aircraft flying in and out of here, but at the same time we need to be a good neighbor. We try to manage the effects of those aircraft the best we can,” Baker said.

Some people who live nearby have complained about noise for months.

“The military planes who practice here to do their touch-and-go is really, really bad,” said Bobby Hodges, who lives in one of the closest neighborhoods to the airport. He built his brick home nearly 26 years ago, but he said in the last couple years the noise has gotten excessive.

Baker said people can request the airport put a monitor near their home. Staff will likely move the monitors around every few weeks as they learn about new noise complaints.

If the airport staff finds that an area is producing excessive noise, staff may work on redirecting planes along less obtrusive flight paths. They may also consider buying homes.

Baker said in the last few months, the airport has bought four homes due to noise.

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