Protesters march through Target and Harris Teeter in North Greensboro


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Protesters continued to march for racial equality in Greensboro on Saturday.

Nearly 200 people gathered at the Lawndale Crossing parking lot along Lawndale Drive in North Greensboro. 

From there, they blocked off sections along Battleground Avenue. 

At one point, protesters stopped traffic on Battleground between Markland and Fernwood to support a black-owned business called the Slush Rush, ordering slushies and funnel cake.

“That is my purpose. For you to stop in your tracks and have to look at us and understand that this is a real problem that’s not going to stop,” said Anthony Morgan, protest organizer.

Chanting, silence and laughter. It was an emotional experience for protesters and shoppers alike at Lawndale Crossing in North Greensboro.

The group made their way inside the Harris Teeter where employees joined in on the eight-minute and 46-second moment of silence to honor George Floyd.

“It was beautiful. When you’re in that moment, you’re not thinking about getting more people or how many people are you going to get,” said protester Joshua Caudle. 

Many shoppers clapped in support. A few people saw the group and left the store. 

“People that are having their time disrupted or you’re on the way to do something very important, understand that we as black people have been inconvenienced for a very long time now. 400 years to be exact. Not only have we been inconvenienced, but we’ve been overlooked from an education standpoint, economically. So if you feel inconvenienced, you should,” Morgan said.

Organizers told FOX8 Saturday’s events go beyond simply protesting.

“When you see us, don’t fear us because we’re not coming to loot. We’re not coming to steal. We’re not coming to scream. We are coming to be loud, but that’s just the premise of this: to educate the people. Educate the masses because at the end of the day education will be our freedom,” Caudle explained.

A powerful moment after a brief sit-in at Target. The store’s manager embraced activists and thanked them for stopping in and for the powerful message.

“Education is liberation and liberation is freedom,” Caudle said. 

Caudle says the group will continue to protest until a change is made in society.

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