Property owner opens truck depot in Davidson County neighborhood; violations not being taken seriously, neighbors say


DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Homeowners in a neighborhood just north of Thomasville, near the Davidson County line, say their quiet community has turned into a trucking depot. 

They say the property owner cleared a section of land at the end of last year, and ever since then, tractor-trailers are infiltrating their neighborhood day and night. 

“Sitting on the front porch, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and breathing diesel fumes and listening to the trucks idling across the street,” said Perry Conte, a concerned neighbor. 

A county zoning officer says the property owner is using the land to operate a trucking company. 

“Some will go out late at night, some will come in in the morning, some will go out in the morning. There’s never a pattern. It’s just all times of the day and night. You don’t never know,” said a concerned neighbor.

According to the county, this land is zoned for residential use, and the property owner was sent a notice of violation at the end of March. 

Neighbors across the street say the violations started months before and are still not being fully addressed. 

“Things work slowly, things work slowly, and I’m like okay slowly I understand, but it’s now August and this started in November, December of last year,” said Conte. 

Homeowners are having a hard time picturing how a truck depot, in the middle of a neighborhood, is going to benefit anyone in the future. 

“Personally I wouldn’t want to buy a house where there’s tractor-trailers coming in and out all times of the day and night and noise all during the night,” said a concerned neighbor. 

More importantly, they’re wondering how it’s still operating when it’s against the law. 

The zoning officer told FOX8 the property owner has retained an attorney since receiving the notice of violation. 

There have been discussions between the attorney and county to apply for rezoning, but nothing’s been submitted officially. 

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