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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Printworks Mill is a new housing development in Greensboro that’ll offer affordable options. This historic mill is slowly transforming into a brand new multi-use community.

“Printworks Mill is a fantastic example of using a distressed asset and turning it around and making it a productive place for people to live,” said Cynthia Blue, of Greensboro Neighborhood Development. 143 of the units in the community will cater to low-income families.

“Every bit helps when you think about the dire need for affordable housing,” said James Cox, of Greensboro Housing Authority.

Providing more affordable options has been a priority for Greensboro city officials for a while.

“It’s the reason why we had such strong support for the 2016 housing bonds referendum,” Blue said.

Those bonds will help create even more developments like Printworks Mill.

“The expectation was we do about a thousand units with that money. Right now we’re about a third of the way committed with those funds and we are over 750 units,” Blue said.

The Greensboro neighborhood development department wants the rest of those affordable housing properties to be spaced out around the city.

“We need to be in areas of opportunity, as well as areas that need revitalization,” Blue said.

Building more affordable housing is just one way Cox said they can fix the housing crisis.

“But also to improve existing affordable housing,” Cox said.

That way people who need it can have endless options for a place to stay.

The property will start taking housing applications in March and move-ins will begin in July.