Pregnant woman survives lightning strike

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A pregnant woman’s baby had to be delivered by caesarian section after the woman was struck by lightning.

Luckily, both the mother and infant survived and are expected to recover.

Kendra Gordon was about two weeks away from giving birth when the lightning bolt hit her and her husband, Ian, in the front yard of their home in New Mexico.

“And it was getting really close so we decided to end the fireworks and go inside,” Ian said. “Right when we decided to do that, the next thing we know, we woke up on the ground and everybody was just trying to keep us calm.”

Doctors and EMTs believe the current went through Ian’s ear and then his body before traveling to Kendra and exiting through her thumb.

“We just stiffened up and fell down, felt like boards,” Kendra said.  “When I woke up I didn't think she was going to be alive when I got to the hospital.”

Kendra and Ian don’t remember anything.

“It was just surreal. Some loud noise,” Ian said. “The car had gotten fried -- was going, ‘Beep, beep, beep.' And there was still lightning and rain.”

The couple’s friends immediately called 911. Firefighters who were nearby on another call were first to get to the scene.

“They were both awake and looking at us," one firefighter said. "They were dazed and confused. We knew there were underlying injuries and we needed to treat them quickly.”

Doctors at UNMH performed an emergency C-section and successfully delivered the infant, who is named Kimberly Samantha Rose. Kimberly appears to be fine, but doctors are keeping her in intensive care until they’re certain.

Ian’s eardrum was blown out and he’s been using a cane because he’s woozy. Doctors say both parents could face muscle spasms for a long period of time.

First responders think a car the couple was standing next to absorbed a lot of the energy -- possibly saving their lives.

Meanwhile, Kimberly’s parents are coming up with some ideas for nicknames.

“Last name’s Gordon, so little ‘Flash Gordon,’” Ian said. “So we’re hoping for, you know -- run fast, or save the universe.”

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