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GARY, Ind. — The pregnant teen daughter of an Illinois flight attendant, who was found stabbed to death in the trunk of a car, has been charged in her mother’s murder, according to the Post-Tribune.

Alyssa Barrett, 17, was arrested Wednesday and charged with murder. DeCarol Deloney-Cain, the girl’s mother, was stabbed to death in her home on July 3.

Barrett’s arrest comes just days after her boyfriend Damarus Wren, 18, was arrested on first-degree murder charges in Deloney-Cain’s death.

Wren admitted to police that he killed Deloney-Cain because she wanted her daughter to get an abortion.

The Post-Tribune reports that Barrett had “frequently talked of robbing and/or killing her mother.”

The couple reportedly planned to murder Deloney-Cain around the time she received her paycheck.

Wren allegedly covered Deloney-Cain’s head with a pillow case inside her home and smashed it against a basement staircase.

She was then stabbed to death and her body was loaded into her vehicle and abandoned. It was discovered by police on July 7.