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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — For nearly three weeks, the impending birth of April the giraffe’s calf has taken over the internet.

On Sunday, a pregnant South Carolina woman decided to use April’s recent fame and make a spot-on impersonation of the giraffe.

Erin Dietrich, a mother of four, is 39 weeks pregnant and due on March 14, WTSP reports. To celebrate the occasion and her recent obsession with the video, she decided to recreate the live stream and post it on Facebook.

“I have become obsessed with checking on this ‘April the Giraffe’ live feed all night long, seeing if she has had her baby yet,” she told the station.

The post has been viewed more than seven million times.

The Animal Adventure Park posted an evening update on Sunday, saying April is showing an “omen of the impending birth.”

The post reads:

What many are calling an omen of the impending birth; the face and neck of a young giraffe appeared in the bedding this afternoon. Pretty neat if you ask us!

April was reportedly on edge this afternoon during veterinary examination. This evening, keeper report suggests a bit more calm now.
There is a significant amount of belly movement and tail raising. Appetite is notably strong also.

All around, we are all happy with her progress and continued condition. Of course, we are also ready for the next phase in this journey – but truly enjoying the moment.

Watch the stream here: