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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro mail carrier saved an elderly woman while delivering mail on her route earlier this month.

Tracy Belden said she stopped in front of a Greensboro home to deliver mail, when she found the resident lying in the driveway, bleeding from her forehead.

The 86-year-old woman had fallen while walking to her car.

“She was very feisty and trying to get up, but couldn’t,” Belden said. “Blood was everywhere and I was trying to help her. A car passed by and I flagged it down, asking the driver to call 911, and the lady yelled ‘No!’ She was still trying to do everything herself.”

The passer-by called for help and gave them a towel to help stop the bleeding.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she underwent emergency brain surgery after suffering from a hematoma.

She was also reported to have suffered a blood clot, a broken nose and an orbital fracture above the eye. She is now recovering.

“I may not have ever seen her if I didn’t have to dismount to deliver her mail,” said Belden. “Her daughter told me she’s doing better. I’m so relieved by that.”

“Tracy called me at the office to tell me she may be a few minutes behind on her route that day, and I told her it was fine,” said Deirdre Haith, customer service supervisor. “To be there for our customers is what we all strive to do, and Tracy went far above and beyond just being there. The customer owes her life to Tracy, and we’re very proud of her for that.”