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listELON, N.C. — An Elon University poll has revealed the 10 most admired North Carolinians.

From April 25-28, the Elon Poll asked a group of North Carolina residents: “Think of a person, living or dead, who is from or associated with North Carolina. Of those people, who do you admire most?”

Results indicate Billy Graham is the most admired North Carolinian, with Micahel Jordan, Andy Griffith, the Wright Brothers and Jesse Helms completed the top 5.

A February 2013 Elon Poll found that Graham is second among most-admired men (from any part of the world) among North Carolinians.

25 percent of those surveyed named a friend or family member as their most admired person.

Top 10 list:

1. Billy Graham – 7.5%
2. Michael Jordan – 4.0%
3. Andy Griffith – 3.1%
4. Wright Brothers – 2.8%
5. Jesse Helms – 2.6%
6. Jim Hunt – 2.0%
7. Dale Earnhardt – 1.4%
8. Maya Angelou – 1.2%
9. Terry Sanford – 1.1%
10. Sam Ervin – 1.1%

The poll was based on a sample of 720 North Carolinians with a 3.65 margin of error.