POLL: Only 100 days until Christmas! Is it too early to play Christmas music?

Christmas tree (Getty Images)

Christmas tree (Getty Images)

(WGHP) — FOX8 wants to know: Is it too early to start singing Jingle Bells?

Sept. 16 marks 100 days until Christmas, and, after a year like this, a lot of people are ready for a reason to celebrate.

Not everyone, however, is on the same page about when we can start getting in the Christmas spirit.

In our Twitter poll, we want to know if if you can listen to Christmas music anytime, at the 100-day mark, after Halloween, after Thanksgiving or on Dec. 1.

Any grinches out there that never want to hear Christmas music will need to find somewhere else to vent their frustration!

Our Facebook post elicited a torrent of responses.

One viewer tagged a friend and asked, “Can I put muy tree up now???”

A few gave emphatic “No”s, with one commenter saying, “Dec 1 it can start!! Quit rushing life!!”

We think this viewer said it best: “Not for me, but what does it hurt me if someone else wants to listen to Christmas music this early? Or year round for that matter. Listen to whatever music you want to!”

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