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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Donald Trump is on the fast track to becoming the Republican Party’s nominee in November, but that doesn’t mean the entire party is behind him.

Some high-ranking Republican officials have either said they will not, or at this point cannot put their support for Trump. However, in the Piedmont Triad, others have already thrown their support behind him; or at least hope to.

“I do believe there are some things about him that I could align with from a conservative basis. There are some things that I also have some questions about,” said Congressman Mark Walker, speaking to FOX8 on Friday.

Walker said that he hopes “to be able to put 100 percent behind the presumptive nominee Mr. Donald Trump.”

Walker added that he likes Trump’s stance on things like care for our veterans and believes his background of business experience could help the country fiscally.

“Some of our spending gets out of control pretty quickly in Washington, D.C.,” Walker added.

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx also weighed in on the front-runner. When asked if she would support Trump should he become the party’s nominee, a reply from her communications director said, “Yes.”

Also attached was a statement from Foxx, which read; “The goal of the Republican Party should be to beat Hillary Clinton. We can’t afford four more years of the flawed policies of the Obama administration, and that’s what a Clinton presidency would entail. It would be devastating to our country.”

When asked what was behind Trump’s run to the would-be nomination, Walker said, “I think the same thing could be said both about Trump and about Sanders. There’s a frustration with what’s considered establishment government.”

He added that it sends “a message that people are tired of Washington as usual,” saying that’s “why maybe [he] ran two and a half, three years ago.”