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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) – The Republican pep rally that was the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas this weekend used North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson as a coach firing up his players before they were to take the field.

Robinson used his 12 minutes of prelude on Saturday afternoon not to deliver the scathing rebukes and controversial positions that have pushed him into the role as the highest elected Republican in the state but rather simply to focus on pushing voters to support the most conservative candidates in November’s elections.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson of Greensboro speaks at CPAC Dallas. (SCREENSHOT)

The conference featured former President Donald Trump and a plethora of the farthest right conservatives delivering their most vociferous attacks on Democrats, reinforcement of their most valued platforms and, in some cases, an embrace of conspiracies or even cosplay. Some of the most outrageous even attacked their own leadership.

But the focus here is on Robinson, the Greensboro native who rose to political prominence based on a gun-rights address he delivered in 2018 to the Greensboro City Council. He has touted being “a poor black kid from the wrong side of the tracks,” raised by a widowed mother and built a political presence on stout Christian conservatism.

In his remarks Saturday he referred often to God and the founding of the United States and the higher power that directs the future of the nation.

“I don’t care what Communists say. I don’t care what these socialists say,” he said. “I don’t care what these blue-haired freaks with a tackle box in their face on the college campus [think] … this is greatest nation on Earth. It’s all because of God.”

Robinson used the metaphor of Union Col. Joshua Chamberlain and his leadership in the battle of “Little Round Top” at Gettysburg, Pa., when he kept the Confederate forces from taking the hill and winning the battle.

Robinson, sweat streaming down his bald pate, related that battle to what the country is now facing. He told the approving crowd that they were playing Chamberlain’s role.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

“The world now is Gettysburg, and America is Little Round Top,” he said. “You are the soldiers that stand on the hill. I didn’t say Congress. The Senate is not the soldiers. The city council is not the soldiers. You are the soldiers standing on the hill. It’s up to you to hold this line.

“Who is charging up? We see the whole horde, led by Jim Crow Joe [Biden] and Chump [Sen. Chuck] Schumer. They are coming up the hill with a whole raft of socialist nitwits. … I prefer to call them ‘idiots.’”

He mentioned the various hot-button issues the GOP attacks – abortion, gun control, education, transgender people, “the lying news media” – and said the state of America is what happens “when you replace a lion [Trump] with a lamb. But that’s an insult to lambs.”

He finished his pep speech by imploring voters to take action in November, to “stand up and be the kings and queens. … Save this nation. … Read your Bible. Believe in God. Read your Constitution. Hold them dear to your hearts.

“Place that bayonet of truth on top of that rifle of knowledge. Steel your spines.”