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(QUEEN CITY NEWS) – It’s been seen in social media comments, and even among those in Washington who have seen the stories about North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn, it’s been called “absurd to embarrassing,” and according to a report in Rolling Stone, it has reached the top of the party.

“Trump is the type of guy who doesn’t like to lose,” said former Henderson County sheriff George Erwin.  “We’ve found that out.”

Erwin is a former Cawthorn supporter who now supports another candidate in the Republican primary, Rod Honeycutt. Queen City News reached out to Erwin after another story came out Sunday night about Cawthorn that revolved around what former President Donald Trump thought about the freshman Congressman.

Specifically, the Rolling Stone story quoted at least three sources close to Trump, who indicated that he was “completely weirded out by” the allegations and stories and that he was “disappointed” with Cawthorn over the handling of the trove of stories that have come out in the last few weeks.

Cawthorn has been the focus of several stories, which have involved everything from numerous traffic stops in North Carolina, to allegations of insider trading, admitting to bringing a gun in two separate incidents to local airports, and calling the President of Ukraine a “thug.” In addition to those incidents, he’s been plagued with a number of photo and video leaks of him in what some could consider a compromising state, including an explicit video of him naked, which Cawthorn said were all taken before he ran for Congress.

“A lot of folks he hangs around within Washington — you don’t see them coming to defend him,” said Erwin.

Despite the numerous stories out about Cawthorn that show him in a negative light, he still reportedly has a significant chance of winning the primary, according to J. Michael Bitzer, a political science professor at Catawba College.

“We’ve seen it all and then some,” Bitzer said.

The story from Rolling Stone said all the news on Cawthorn has been weighing on Trump but has not been enough to pull the endorsement.

“This really is unchartered territory and this may be a test case to see how big that Trump endorsement weighs,” said Bitzer.

Cawthorn responded to the Rolling Stone story, calling it “fake news”, and has since tweeted out, calling out “corporate press” and establishment Republicans.

Erwin noted that Cawthorn did not have Trump’s endorsement in the 2020 primary, and noted that it may not matter now if that endorsement ended or was transferred to someone else.

“It’s late in the game and I don’t know if it would affect it either way,” said Erwin.