Political signs for both parties stolen across the Piedmont Triad

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We’re about a month away from the general election and local homeowners are reporting more cases of stolen political yard signs supporting both parties. 

“After the fifth sign got stolen and the eighth sign got stolen, I thought all right, there’s something going on here,” said Jared Pike, who lives in Kernersville. 

In the last two weeks, Pike’s replaced multiple stolen yard signs supporting republican candidates. 

On Thursday, he decided to install a security camera on a tree near the end of his driveway where the signs are staked. 

The same night, the security system captured a woman in a baseball cap trespassing and stealing three signs out of his yard. 

This week in Greensboro, yard signs supporting democratic candidates disappeared in the Hamilton Lakes neighborhood. 

Jim Collins says their Biden sign was stolen in the middle of the week. All the thief left were the stakes. 

Jim and his wife decided to make their own homemade sign to send a message. 

“She said ‘why don’t we just put up a sign saying…please return the sign or something,’ so we put up the sign, and it just happened to fit over the frame for the Joe Biden sign,” Collins said. 

Homeowners say the stealing is not deterring them from exercising their first amendment rights. 

“You know I want to support my candidates, the people I want to, just like I want my neighbors if they want to support the opposite candidate, they should be able to have the right to so that, so I’m not giving up. If these get gone tomorrow, I’m getting more signs. I will not stop,” Pike said. 

In these politically charged times, homeowners say they know there are strong differences of opinion, but it’s no excuse to commit a crime. 

Stealing political signs in North Carolina is a Class 3 misdemeanor, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 days in jail and a $200 fine. 

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