Policy could change way states determine food stamp eligibility

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Benefits for millions of Americans who receive government food assistance could be on the chopping block if a proposed policy goes into effect.

The policy would change the way states could determine who’s eligible for food stamps.

“I think it’s devastating,” Shannon Wallace said.

Not everyone is on board with the new proposed federal policy.

“I think it’s ridiculous, there shouldn’t be any additional requirements for something like a basic necessity,” Wallace said.

The USDA released the proposed policy Tuesday afternoon, stating the policy would close a loophole that allows states to limit people who receive SNAP benefits to no longer be eligible if they’re receiving help from other federal-funded programs.

“We have a problem with our policymakers are out of touch with the people who their policies impact the most, so when you have people who don’t know how much a loaf bread costs or don’t know what a gallon of milk costs those shouldn’t be the people who are making those decisions,” Jarreau Israel said.

Lawmakers say they’re doing this to try and help those people who are in extreme need and eliminate people who are just using the benefits and don’t need the assistance.

“Any cuts to opportunities to feed people and their families, it’s never going to end well,” Wallace said.

The North Carolina Department Health and Human Services sent FOX8 a statement regarding the proposed policy, saying they are still reviewing the policy and looking at the numbers in the state on how many people this could impact. They say “any policy that denies people to food is bad” and the consequences to follow put children and adults at risk.

“The middle class and the lower class, it’s more of those people than any other people. We seem to come short on the funds that are there in the first place. They want to go to take funds away, doesn’t make sense to me,” Isreal said.

The USDA is encouraging people to share their thoughts and opinions on the proposal by leaving a comment on their website.

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