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ARCHDALE, N.C. – Police are now encouraging drivers to double check the gas pump handle before filling up.

Officers encountered a razor blade at the BP Gas Station on Main Street Saturday afternoon. That’s when store manager Patricia Breese started to be skeptical.

She’s been looking at the store surveillance video app on her phone that’s centered around pump eight.

“It could’ve been an attempt to put a razor blade inside of the handle,” said Breese.

It’s during the video that she believes the razor blade was taped to the gas pump handle as a man stands near his car.

She says the man at the pump then walks in the store to alert an employee. Moments later they went outside and noticed the razor blade fell on the ground.

Breese says since then, she’s alerted customers about what happened. A few have been on edge.

“We should be able to go out and get gas without having to worry about something being on the gas pump,” a concerned driver said.

Breese says while she’s on alert for razor blades, she’s also worried about finding needles in the same place.

“Kids could be pumping gas for their parents, so a kid could’ve been the one to grab that,” said Sabrina Kress, another concerned driver.

Breese says it now comes down to safety. She and her coworkers are now regularly checking each pump handle every few hours.

“You have to worry about things like infections and contaminations or just getting badly hurt,” said Breese.

This now makes the second time a razor blade was found at a local gas station.

Just last week, Wallburg police say a razor blade was found taped to a Sheetz gas pump handle.