‘Plus size Barbie’ sparks debate over body image

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The Barbie doll figure is once again the center of a debate thanks to an image posted on Facebook of a heavier version of the blonde bombshell.


The “plus size Barbie” is notably bigger with thicker thighs and mid-section, along with a double chin.

“So if we have plus-size women modeling clothes, why not have plus-size Barbies?”

That’s the question posed recently by Plus-Size-Modeling.com on Facebook, when the group posted an illustration of a plus-size Barbie-like doll:

Over 35,000 people have “liked” it, but many have taken issue with the doll’s so-called extreme size.

According to the Huffington Post, the image actually comes from an illustration contest on Worth1000.com, a site where artists compete in daily creative competitions.


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