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PLEASANT GARDEN, N.C. — The Pleasant Garden Elementary School student who was bitten by a snake is recovering well, her father Jeff Pilkenton said Thursday afternoon.

Pilkenton’s daughter, Ayslee, was bitten on the foot by a snake on Monday at school during recess. Staff immediately called 911 when they realized Ayslee was bitten.

“Ayslee is doing well and wanting to return to school tomorrow,” Pilkenton said Thursday. “Today is the first day that she’s actually been able to walk on [the foot that was bitten] on her own.”

Pilkenton said if all goes well Thursday evening and Friday morning, his daughter will be able to return to school Friday with limited activity.

Poison Control told Pilkenton the swelling could remain off and on for up to a month.

After Ayslee was bitten on Monday, the school’s principal canceled recess for the remainder of the day and maintenance crews put down a special powder outside designed to help keep snakes away. The crews also looked for any additional safety concerns.