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CLINTON, N.C. — A toddler was attacked by a dog at a home in Newton Grove, according to WTVD.

Emergency workers got a call from the house in the 4000 block of Penny Tew Mill Road around 3:15 p.m. Thursday.

According to WTVD, the 3-year-old boy was staying with his aunt at the home. A pit bull belonging to a friend of the boy’s aunt was locked in a separate room. The dog got past the woman when she opened the door and immediately attacked the child.

Deputies say the boy suffered wounds to the face, neck, and legs. The boy’s aunt struggled with the dog and got it off of him.

When deputies arrived, they saw the dog with blood on its face at the rear of the house. A deputy shot at the animal but missed, and it ran into a nearby wooded area. Deputies began patrolling the area and warning residents, but it wasn’t immediately found.

Around 6:30 p.m. deputies got a tip that the dog’s owner, Justin Strickland, who was not at home during the time of the attack, had located the animal.

It was quarantined at the Sampson County Animal Shelter.

The child is being treated at Cape Fear Valley Hospital in Fayetteville.

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