(WGHP) — Sheets of ice are still covering residential roads across the Piedmont Triad on Tuesday, making for slippery conditions two days after Sunday’s winter storm.

With above-freezing temperatures on Monday, some of the snow melted and later re-froze into sheets of ice overnight.

Cars and curbs are buried under snow in the Southmont area of Greensboro and the Glenwood Avenue and Willora Street areas.

That could begin to change on Tuesday, however, as crews shift their focus to secondary routes.

“You generally work from the top down, and once you get the interstates pretty well taken care of, then you know you can move on to the next step,” said Aaron Moody, spokesperson for the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

If you think your street has been overlooked, it’s likely crews have plans to make it out soon. City and NCDOT crews are working 12-hour shifts as they make their way from high-traffic areas to lower-traffic areas.

Routes used by first responders or that connect to a hospital must be cleared first. Roads with minor throughways, where there is medium traffic, are considered Priority 2 roads. Priority 3 roads include smaller residential streets or lesser-traveled back roads.

“There may be some instances where you have a secondary road that gets some priority over some other ones because it’s used by emergency responders or just general connectivity or traffic volume, that kind of thing,” Moody said.

Officials say 75% of residential streets should be driveable within 72 hours of any winter storm.