Pickled lemonade and deep-fried tacos: Let’s talk new eats at the Dixie Classic Fair

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The 2019 Dixie Classic Fair opens at 11 a.m. today, Oct. 4.

Let’s talk food at the Fair.  This year, you’ll find sweet, savory, pickled and gummy among the new delicacies.

Featured on the Food Network’s show, Carnival Eats, Jim’s Deep Fried Tacos make their first appearance at the Fair. Soft tacos are filled with spicy meats, Mac & Cheese, and veggies, dipped in beer batter and fried, producing a crispy shell and fresh crispy ingredients inside.

Fork Et Me Not arrives at the Fair for the first time with their Bombz – gourmet morsels of puffed pastry stuffed with Philly Cheese Steak, Ruben or Buffalo Chicken mixtures. Originally from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, they also offer gourmet tacos.

Another new vendor is Sticky Rice, offering the Fair’s first Thai food, including Pad Thai, Thai BBQ pork and more.

Tedz Wheel Cakes, also a new vendor, will let you devour pancakes for breakfasts, lunch, dinner and snacks. Their light and fluffy cakes, some of which are stuffed with Nutella and other goodies, come drizzled in a wide range of flavors from strawberry to marshmallow.

The idea for Pelican’s SnoBalls came from a 13-year-old girl who longed for a better snow cone. Pelican’s New Orleans-style shaved ice is made in such a way that the flavoring holds in place and doesn’t drip to the bottom of the cone. Their shaved ice is offered in a range of cooling flavors, the most popular of which is Tiger’s Blood (strawberry, coconut and watermelon). Pelican is opening its 210th store in the near future on University Avenue in Winston-Salem.

Do you like the combination of sweet and sour? Don’t miss the Pickled Lemonade at Rocco’s Corn on the Midway. It is a refreshing combination of chilled pickle juice and sweet lemonade served over ice.

Some of the Fair’s most popular food vendors have stepped up their games with new items:

  • Don’t miss the Waffle Piggy at Oak Ridge Farm Concessions – it’s a sausage or hot dog, wrapped in a waffle, on a stick and served with syrup or mustard.
  • Giant Gummy Bears lets you take home a goldfish, swimming in water, just like you’ll find at a pet store. The only difference is that you can drink the flavored water and eat the gummy fish. They also serve new shark gummies, sunflower gummies and sour gummies.
  • D&J Concessions, infamous for their fried candy bars and cookies, dishes up Flamin’ Hot Cheetos® Corn – grilled corn on the cob rolled in spicy-hot crushed, crunchy Cheetos.
  • Beaver Concessions will serve you a Fried Cookie Dough Crumble topped with your choice of ice cream and toppings.
  • Barbie’s Ice Cream will scoop an Upside Down Banana Split for you.
  • There is a new Fish & Chips vendor by the animal barns frying up delicate white fish dipped in beer batter accompanied by a classic side of “chips” (fries) and a drizzle of vinegar. They’ll have you speaking with a British accent in no time.

Tickets to the Fair

Advanced ticket purchases can save you up to 40 percent off day-of values and are available through mobile ticketing, so there is no need to wait in ticket lines when you arrive at the Fair. Advance Ticket Sales, Ride Credits and Wristbands are available for sale through October 3 at 11:59PM through Ticketmaster (online fees apply), the Fair’s website, www.dcFair.com, Annex Box Office and at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem. For more information, visit www.DCFair.com.


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