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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A North Carolina shopping mall is bringing back Santa’s Christmas tree after replacing it with a giant glacier upset many shoppers.

SouthPark Mall in Charlotte announced on Twitter Saturday that they’re “adding key elements to the Santa set,” including a traditional Christmas tree.

Multiple news agencies posted photos to Twitter on Sunday of the glacier being dismantled. A Christmas tree will soon be brought back.

The mall made headlines Friday after it was revealed that they replaced Santa’s Christmas tree with a giant fake glacier and were cancelling their tree-lighting ceremony.

The mall originally told the Charlotte Observer that it was implementing the changes in an effort to make visiting Santa “fresh and exciting.”

But the changes did not go over well with many customers. A petition on to bring the Christmas tree back had more than 19,000 supporters as of Saturday night.

“Southpark Mall and Simons Malls have decided to abandon a long standing tradition of having a Christmas tree in the center of the mall and Christmas tree lighting ceremony,”the petition reads. “We, the community of Charlotte, feel this is in poor taste and needs to be corrected.”

The mall said they are listening to their customers and will soon be adding the tree.