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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A person shot near Dudley High School on Thursday has been identified as a teen, according to Greensboro police.

Police say the shooting happened at about 8:54 a.m. at 1100 Willow Road and that there was no shooting on school grounds.

Greensboro police said one person was shot.

After the shooting, the victim was taken onto Dudley High School property and later taken to a hospital.

Police have identified the victim as a 17-year-old boy. The victim’s name has not been released. Police have not confirmed whether or not the victim is a student.

The victim suffered a non-life-threatening injury.

“I thought it was a drill at first,” Dudley High School teacher Christopher Owens said. 

He had just stepped in front of his first period chemistry class when they were alerted that the school was on lockdown.

Within a few minutes his students began to receive text messages about the shooting near campus. 

“They couldn’t believe the news. They were a little shaken up, they couldn’t really believe it at first,” Owens said.

Some of his students became emotional as they continued to learn the news through social media. Teachers said they had been through the district-run drills and scenarios, but nothing could fully prepare them for moments like that.

Christopher described given students tissues, telling them that things would be OK.

“We have to step in as more than that teacher in the classroom, we have to be that friend,” he said. 

As he helped comfort students inside, parents of a few dozen students showed up at the campus to remove their child.

Among them, Gabrielle Dickey, who had just dropped her 11th grade daughter when the incident happened.

“She was walking in the school, people were running out and they was saying somebody got shot, and they didn’t know who it is. It’s just scary, too much of this stuff going on,” Dickey said.