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People magazine recently featured Caitlin Little who was featured on FOX8 in a series of videos, stories and podcasts.

Caitlin was part of Southeast Guilford High School’s cross-country program and it was there that everything changed.

“Thursday, 5 p.m., Oct. 12, 2017,” said Jennifer, with a smile that denotes so much sadness. “Pretty easy to remember.”

That was the day at practice when someone stumbled and hit Caitlin in the head, leaving her with a concussion that lasted far longer than anyone – even the doctors who examined her – thought it would.

“(The neurologist) called what he recommended, ‘cocooning,’” her father Chris said. “Cocoon her, protect her from anything very stimulating that might induce more headaches. He said, ‘Well, OK, this looks pretty bad. But, in my experience,’ he said, ’90 percent of these resolve themselves in three weeks.’”

“That was the magic number, three weeks,” Jennifer said. “We just need to make it to three weeks.”

But three weeks passed and then three months. She wasn’t getting better. And now, 16 months after the incident, Caitlin can remember most of what happens on any given day, but her brain resets overnight and, each morning, she wakes up with no memory of the day before.

Yes, like the movie, “Fifty First Dates.” Only, a happy ending could be written for the movie. For Caitlin and her family, this is real life.

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