People in Archdale neighborhood worried after 2 shootings in 48 hours


ARCHDALE, N.C. — After two shootings in 48 hours, people in a Randolph County neighborhood tell FOX8 they’re concerned for their safety.

A lot of the people who live off of Eden Terrace and Corina Circle in Archdale have lived in the neighborhood for several decades. They tell FOX8 it’s a quiet area and safety has never been a problem, until the last couple of months when there was a shooting at Terrace Trace Apartments across the street, a drive-by shooting on Corina Circle Saturday and another shooting at Terrace Trace on Monday.

Scared, curious and concerned, those who live on Corina Circle in Archdale were just falling asleep Saturday when gunfire made them jump out of bed.

“I guess it was Saturday night, Saturday night around 9:30,” said one neighbor.

The woman, afraid to show her face on camera, was startled by the noise.

She tells FOX8 she’s lived in the neighborhood for 35 years and has never heard anything like it.

“It just sounded like gunfire,” the woman recalled.

Police cars parked along the 3100-block of Corina Circle.

“They were all out here. There was about four of them and they had the big bright lights,” she said.

A few houses down, a man, who also did not want to be identified, heard bullets ricochet off the siding and brick of his home. Holding his 7-month-old son, he tells us how fear instantly set in.

“It sounded real close. It was very loud. Were you worried about him? Yeah. About everybody,” the man said.

Another family, about to pull out of their driveway witnessed two cars park in the middle of the street and start shooting at their neighbor’s house. The woman was behind the wheel with her teenage daughter.

“I heard the shooting and I just swung it in park. I’m like ‘get down,’” the witness said.

Traumatized and now looking to move out of the neighborhood they’ve called home for almost a decade.

“We just watched it from the rear-view mirror and I’m like you know we can’t get out. She’s hollering for her friend and I’m like we can’t. Just sit here and be quiet. When they move, we’ll call and get out of here,” she said.

No one on the block was hit or hurt in Saturday’s drive-by. They just want answers.

It is unclear if the Terrace Trace apartment shooting and Corina Circle drive-by shooting are related. The Archdale Police Department tells FOX8 they can’t release any further information since there’s an active investigation.

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