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HARRISBURG, Pa. — The effort to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania is about to get a boost from an unusual political partnership.

One of those partners is State Senator Dan Laughlin from Erie. Here is more on what is being introduced today.

State Senators Dan Laughlin and Sharif Street, a Democrat from Philadelphia, will introduce what they’re calling an adult use cannabis bill.

Laughlin said that it’s the next logical step, but knows that might sound strange coming from a conservative Republican.

“I think responsibly regulated marijuana is a more responsible way to go about it than what we have been doing, and I think it’s a very conservative stance to take,” said PA Senator Dan Laughlin, (R), 49th District.

According to Laughlin, the bill would make marijuana legal for people 21 and up while reducing the black market and creating permanent bans on pot for anyone caught selling to underage people.

“This bill will help make marijuana harder for these kids to get as well and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to take the lead on this,” said Laughlin.

And for the co-authors of the bill, from opposite sides of the aisle and opposite sides of the state, what may seem like a political odd couple dates back to 2016 after both were elected.

“Honestly I think Senator Street and I are trying to lead by example. You can differ on policy without being enemies,” said Laughlin.

After the adult cannabis bill is introduced today, Laughlin and Street will look for co-sponsors with no specific deadline in mind for passage if it gets that far.