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A Stokes County woman managed to beat lung cancer, but now Robin Crooks is up against a new battle – her medical bills.

The woman worked her entire life and never asked for a thing. But, after being diagnosed with cancer last March, she has been unable to work and has medical bills from her cancer treatment.

Delmar Crowe, a friend of Crooks, said she is truly one of a kind.

“I see her in church. It might be a quarter, it might be 50 cents. But she always puts something in the offering. It touches my heart every time,” said Crowe.

Crooks said she has thousands of dollars in bills, and the $400 will be a big help.

“It’s a lot. When you have nothing, it’s a lot. I’ve been praying for something to come through. And Sunday, at church, I left it at the alter. And I got my blessing,” said Crooks.

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