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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Shelters across our community open their doors to everyone. One man who came to Open Door Ministries in High Point ended up in a fight with a pastor, employees said.

“I have a guy who’s being removed and we’re having a hard time removing him,” said an employee on the phone to 911.

Lakevin Doward, 25, was staying at Open Door Ministries Friday night.

Just before midnight, Pastor Grosjieon Moore showed up for work.

Employee tells us there was a verbal argument and then a fight.

High Point Police said the pastor lost consciousness and suffered fractures to his face.

“I’ve got the manager in here. He’s on the floor. He’s bleeding,” said the caller to 911.

Facility director Steve Key said there are safety protocols in place for situations like this.

“You’re never going to be able to anticipate everything but it’s how you deal with those incidents when they happen,” Key said. “The safety of our clients and our staff is something we do take very seriously.”

Everyone is eager for Moore to return to work once his injuries heal.

The pastor has been with Open Door Ministries for about a year.

Doward was taken to jail.