Parents reflect on adoption process of Greensboro’s ‘Baby Doe’ – ‘What Happened to Baby Doe’ episode 5

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Carrie and Darryl Thomas knew that Angel would become their daughter.

It was simply a matter of putting on paper what they already felt in their hearts.

They moved forward with the adoption process.

“I ended up handling the adoption. That was first my adoption I’d ever done and this is one I was glad to do. I wanted to see the process through since I was her foster care social worker, so I was able to complete the paperwork and do that with the Thomases. The process was smooth and they were wonderful,” said Sadio-Tene Lloyd, Angel’s foster care social worker at the time.

Social Services named the baby Angel Hope Hunter.

Angel’s parents changed her middle and last name, but her parents kept the name Angel.

“I thought that was the best fit for her because I do feel like angels were watching over her that day,” said Carrie Thomas, Angel’s adoptive mother.

Detective Ruth Hines with the Greensboro Police Department didn’t locate the baby’s biological family or determine who placed Angel under an apartment stairwell shortly after birth, but she was at peace knowing that Angel was in a good home.

“I knew that no matter what the outcome of the case was, this baby is going to be OK. She’s going to be OK,” Hines said.

Angel’s parents gave Hines one of her first pictures.

Hines still has the picture, almost 20 years later.

“It’s not in an evidence box. It’s in the box that I keep things that I want to remember that are positive, and that had a positive ending,” Hines said.

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