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MARMADUKE, Ark. — Two Arkansas teens spent their weekend on the side of two busy intersections after their parents said they broke the law.

When Jack and Kim Aaron learned that their kids had vandalized someone’s property and lied to police about it, they said it was time to come up with a new form of punishment.

Their son Dillon threw a stolen scooter against a building over the weekend and their daughter lied to police about being there during the incident.

“It was embarrassing so I want them to feel the embarrassment I had to feel that night,” Kim Aaron said.

The teens’ parents said they hope the punishment will help put their kids back on the right path.

“We’ve threatened them with the law, we’ve punished them, grounded them, taken phones away,”  Kim Aaron said.

When nothing worked, Jack Aaron decided two bright yellow signs would do the trick.

Both parents stood with their children at a busy intersection for hours as they held signs that said what they did.

“There was older people who stopped and said they wished this would happen more,” Kim Aaron said.

Jack Aaron said he has family in multiple states who have shared their story.

“I hope it goes [to all] 50 states,” Jack Aaron said.

Kiara Aaron said the embarrassment factor has worked.

“All my teachers knew about it, all my friends knew about it,” Kiara Aaron said. “They were all asking me questions. Now, even if I wasn’t the one doing the damage, just me being associated with the people that were, that puts a bad name on me.”

According to the parents, the owner of the building is still determining whether or not to press charges.