Parents concerned after day care worker arrested on sex crimes in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Parents are panicked after a woman they entrusted their children with was arrested for child pornography, indecent liberties with children and child sex offenses.

Alyson Saunders worked at Fellowship Day School in Greensboro. The school has now fired her and federal agents have taken her into custody.

FOX8 spoke with parents who are shaken up and have many questions.

Because the incidents at Fellowship Day School are still under investigation, they asked to not be identified for their safety and the safety of their children.

“It’s phenomenal. With the programs and the academics. It’s one of the best programs in Greensboro. That’s why we chose to go there,” says a Greensboro dad.

Specialty programs and a religious foundation in learning is what brought him and his wife to send their two kids to Fellowship Day School, until they graduated to elementary school this year.

Then, a Friday morning headline on shattered them.

“When I clicked on it, I realized it was the school my child went to,” he says.

“Shock first, then panic that this happened inside the school walls,” his wife says. “Inside of the classroom. Inside of the changing room. This happened inside of the building. How did this happen?”

Questions still unanswered.

“I asked the youngest, the one that was there last year, if she recognized the lady, her picture and her name,” she said. “She immediately recognized. She said ‘Oh, that’s Miss Ally, she was a substitute in my class a couple of times. She’s really nice.’”
They did decide to let their kids know something was wrong and wanted to use this to prepare their kids.

“I said pictures were taken that should not have been taken of children at the school and that she got in trouble for it,” says the mom.

“We also instilled in them that if someone asked you to do something, you don’t have to do it,” her husband adds.

But it’s something they believe they shouldn’t have to prepare children for.

“I’m angry that this happened anywhere, but I’m angry this happened at my child’s school,” the mom explains.

They realize, it could have happened anywhere.

“It can happen in your backyard. While you’re doing the best for your children, it’s not always good enough,” the dad says.

These parents say that sending children to school is something that’s becoming a little more scary.

“Yesterday I was ready to pull my children out of public school and start homeschooling,” the mom explains.

But they both believe schools need to come up with more procedures and measures to protect those most vulnerable.

“She passed countless background checks,” the dad says.

“Background checks are for when you’re caught,” explains the mom. “This woman was never caught. Now, it’ll be on her background check, because she was caught.”

As the investigation continues, they are worried what else federal agents might find.

“If someone is taking these videos and photos with a phone, they can take that phone, transfer the information and dispose of the evidence,” the dad says. “I don’t know how long this has been going on for.”

“I have some gut feelings that this is not the end of the story,” adds his wife.

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