Parents can tour Randolph County school kitchens to see how food is made

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. – A lot of the cafeteria items in Randolph County Schools are made from scratch – something that may be surprising to some, given the stigma often attached to school cafeteria food.

“I think that’s a lot of it, just misconceptions of how the school nutrition program works,” said Kelly Green, assistant director of school nutrition for Randolph County Schools.

Earlier this year, the Randolph County School System conducted a survey asking parents and students how they felt about the food served at school.

“Some parents said our food was too healthy, some said that our food was not healthy enough, there were even some customer service concerns,” Green said.

To do more in addressing those concerns, the school system is trying something new.

It’s offering its first annual “Food Day for Parents.”

Parents can register to take a tour of school cafeterias and kitchens for an in-depth look at how food is made, the nutritional standard that must be met according to USDA guidelines, and general upkeep of the facilities.

Parents will also get to taste the food.

“[We] try to target the parents because half the time we’re targeting students. Sometimes that message gets home and sometimes it doesn’t,” said Jayme Robertson, registered dietitian for Randolph County Schools.

The expectation is that by allowing parents to see the process, it will provide more guidance on what students and parents want.

There will be a question and answer portion of the tour where parents can give feedback.

To participate in the “Food Day for Parents,” you must be a parent or guardian of a student in the Randolph County School System.

The tours will cover four schools beginning November 30th through December.

They are from 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

The tours are open to 20 parents at a time.

Registration is available online through this link, which is also available on the school system’s website.

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