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GREENSBORO, N.C. – On a cold and cloudy Sunday afternoon, four Page High School football players gathered on the school’s field to talk about a teammate, Sincere Davis, who was shot on the night of March 2, 2019. “Him being a motivator, you know the beautiful person that he was, he was always going to make you happy. You know you could be having the worst day and he would just come up and smile. Boy, he had a smile, he would just look at you and smile and it would change your day,” said Stephen Scott. These four young men say their lives have also changed since they got the call that Sincere was critically injured. Now, they are sticking together as a “four pack” to support each other and their teammate. “A lot of people look up to Sincere. Me personally, I call him my big bro I ask him questions about my life. He is there for me,” said Elijah Jones. During our interview, the boys took a moment to huddle and pray for number 26. They told FOX8 they agreed to the interview because it was something Sincere would want them to do. “He is an outstanding character and he is nice, smart, intelligent and his encouragement, you see we all come together as one. That is what we do, we gel. He would love that we did this for him,” said Elijah Jones. Each member of this “four pack” had their favorite memory of Sincere. “He was always energetic and the life of the group… he would always make you smile,” said Ford Moser. “He doesn’t really make you feel any different… he made everyone feel like they were wanted,” said Nicholas Butler. “During football when I had my ups and downs when I wanted to quit he was behind me… he was always on my back telling me to never give up keep fighting,” said Elijah Jones. “Whether it was on the field or school he was always motivating us telling us we could do it. Whether you were the littlest or smallest you can do it. As long as you want it, you can do it,” said Stephen Scott. And they’ve been impressed with how the community has supported them. Prayers for number 26 have been shared on social media and a GoFundMe page has been set up. One thing they did not want to discuss during the interview, the person who may be behind the shooting. They want everything to stay positive right now. The Page High School Football team is scheduled to resume morning workouts on Tuesday.