Pack of coyotes spotted in urban Greensboro park


Mike Turner said he saw about 10 coyotes attacking a cat in Price Park off New Garden Road.

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A Greensboro man said he saw a pack of coyotes in an urban park near an elementary school on Sunday night.

Mike Turner said he spotted about 10 coyotes attacking a cat in Price Park off New Garden Road.

“I was taking out the trash last night, and someone came in and said ‘They are killing something,” Turner said.

Turner then jumped into to his truck and drove over to the park. When the coyotes saw Turner, they ran behind nearby Jefferson Elementary School, Turner said.

The fact it happened in an area frequented by dog walkers and small children has Turner concerned about his neighbors.

“It’s bigger than a cat. A whole community here needs to know. If we would have known beforehand, things could have been prevented,” Turner said.

Turner said he also hopes his story will encourage residents to keep small pets like cats indoors at night.

Wildlife control agent Aaron Burris said more people are seeing coyotes in urban areas.

“Their population is growing, and in an urban environment like this you are limited on what you can do. You can’t shoot them, can’t use a firearm in the city limits.” Burris said.

Traps are also difficult to use in urban areas because pets could get caught, Burris said. Thus, his advice is simply to leave coyotes alone.

Coyotes are found in most of North America, as they adapt well to all climates. They are smaller than wolves and can run up to 40 mph.

They mostly eat rodents such as mice, rats and rabbits, but they also eat fruit and grass.

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