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SEAGROVE, N.C. — Changes are well underway to bring a multi-use event center to Randolph County.

It’s located in one of the county’s smallest communities, but people in Seagrove are confident it will have a big economic impact.

The town is leading an effort to transform the Historic Luck’s Cannery building into a hub for events, shops and restaurants.

“Since March, we’ve done our demo process, which we’ve taken down about 13,000 square feet of the building that opens it up for emergency egress and also creates a great outdoor space,” said Dean Lail, the president of Sapona Plastics, LLC.

Sapona Plastics is a corporate partner for the project.

Other updates have included repairing the roof for one of the event spaces and installing solar tubes.

Work will now move into the construction phase.

Seagrove Mayor David Fernandez is pleased with the progress and what this will mean for the town’s future.

“We’re so close to the zoo. We’re here at the pottery capital of the United States. We have the potter’s conference that comes in on an annual basis,” Fernandez said. “This is the best place for an event center in the county.”

There are some incentives for potential businesses.

Lail says if businesses retrofit their part of the building, the rent will be free.