Orphaned cougar cubs coming to NC Zoo


Cougar cub (courtesy of the Oregon Zoo)

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PORTLAND, OR. – After a six week stay at the Oregon Zoo three cougar cubs are ready to find a home at the NC Zoo.

Gavin Johnson, the Public Relations Specialist for the NC Zoo, said that a definite date hadn’t been set for the cubs’ arrival, but he thought it would be soon.

According to the Oregon Zoo, the cubs were orphaned in eastern Oregon last month when their mother was shot by a hunter.

The Oregon Zoo said the cubs arrived there dehydrated, hungry, and scared. Zoo vet staff and keepers took shifts to make sure the cubs received around-the-clock care with feedings every four hours.

Oregon Zoo keeper Michelle Schireman said, “Without a mother, young cougars can’t develop the skills and resources they need to survive on their own in the wild. Unfortunately, at the age these cubs were orphaned, they would have either starved to death or been eaten by another predator, most likely within the day.”

The three cougar cubs will be housed at the Cypress Swamp habitat, which had been the home of two geriatric cougars that died earlier this year.

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