Orphaned albino elephant recovers from poacher’s trap


A baby albino elephant found trapped by a sharp wire snare was rescued in January by a South African elephant orphanage.

The elephant had fallen into a trap set by a poacher in the Kruger National Park, in which a hunting snare went through her mouth, down her face, underneath her ear and under her chin.

The four-month-old was found badly dehydrated but alive a few days later and brought to the Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development orphanage in South Africa’s northeastern Limpopo province.

A month after being rescued, Khanyisa, named after the Tsonga word for light, weighed a healthy 330 pounds and was adding 1 pound every day.

She was still separated from the rest of the herd, spending her nights in a heated room and days in a large enclosure with tall grass and a mud pool.

Under 24-hour supervision, the blue-eyed, pink-skinned toddler was frequently in a playful mood, craving attention and only stopping now and then to scratch her itchy scars on the wood pillars of her enclosure.

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