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(WJZY) – Charlotte-area veterans are saying there’s help out there after one veteran in Hickory posted his suicide note on social media before dying from suicide.

The conversation around the table at Richard’s Coffee Shop covers everything. The tables are full of veterans. Some have been coming to the coffee shop for years. It was Walt Dellinger’s first time stopping by.

Though he’s new, the Iraq War veteran has something in common with everyone here.

“Nobody comes back the same,” said Walt. “War is hell, and he wasn’t wrong.”

They don’t often talk about what they did when they were serving. There’s another topic that makes everyone pause.

“I’ve lost guys to suicide,” said Walt. “I lost one over in Iraq and two back here to survivors’ guilt.”

There’s a number everyone at the shop knows by heart. 22. That’s how many veterans die each day from suicide.

“Too many. It’s too many,” said Walt.

Too many and too close to home after a 32-year-old Iraq War veteran in Hickory posted his final goodbye on social media before taking his own life.

“Put your hand on your chest. Feel that? That’s purpose, so you have purpose,” said Walt.

Their purpose on Monday was to talk and to listen because this is a place where everyone has a seat at the table.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please call this hotline. There are people there to help. You are not alone. 800-273-8255.