Thin Hair Thick put to the Deal or Dud test

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Connie Snyder is a brave, compassionate woman who wants to help others through her own journey searching for a hair loss solution.

“I wanted something that would not damage my hair. You know it was going to damage my hair it’s not for me, like clipping extensions, glue and extensions. They’re going to pull on my fine, thin hair and I did not want that,” Snyder said.

That’s why she wanted to try Thin Hair Thick. For two months, she experimented with this synthetic hair topper. She wore it to work, the grocery store and even drive-thru church. She asked friends, family and strangers what they thought.

A grocery store cashier said, “I honestly would not have noticed that it wasn’t her real hair.”

Snyder says it feels like real hair but of course it isn’t.

Thin Hair Thick uses a stretchable band that interlocks with three combs. There are no clips that might damage your natural hair.

It wasn’t immediate but Snyder said it also wasn’t that hard to get the hang of putting on the topper. When buying the product, a consultant helps you choose the right color and style. Your bangs and hair around your face mix in with the synthetic hair of the topper.

“One of the things I’ve noticed is it’s riding up in the back. There’s a spot in the back where I’m certain you can see the band coming through,” Snyder said.

She asked her hairstylist Jennifer for some advice. They decided to curl the topper synthetic hair to match Snyder’s naturally wavy hair and that did the trick!

It gave Snyder the look she wanted and kept the band in place.

“I passed one of the guys, who works with me and he said hey… he was, you know, away from me like across the street, and he said I like your hair. That was really sweet because he didn’t know,” Snyder said.

Her husband likes her hair too! But Snyder wants to make sure you understand something.

“It’s not going to come out model-worthy. You have to work at it. Play with it a little bit and be patient. be patient with yourself.”


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