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Blow your mind, not your hair! That’s the advertising line for Revair. It’s a new product that promises to dry and straighten hair simultaneously.

FOX8 asked three volunteers with different hair textures to try it out. Annadell has wavy, slightly frizzy hair. Marty has very thick, straight hair. Kim has course, curly hair.

Following the instructions, our volunteers start with clean, towel-dried hair.

The instructions also say to set the speed and temperature on the Revair for your hair type. Work by sectioning off your hair into 3 by 3 inch areas. Feed it into the wand of the Revair.

While in use, the Revair is loud. Annadell, Marty and Kim say using the wand is awkward in the beginning but they quickly get the hang of it. The instructions tell them to lightly dab the wand on their scalp but not to pump it. When the section is dry, just pull the wand away. Each section should take about 30-45 seconds depending on hair texture. Then repeat.

So what exactly is the Revair doing? FOX8 asks Dashing hair stylist, Wayne Tuggle.

“It vacuums the hair up and when it pulls up, it dries from the inside out where a regular dryer dries from the outside in and roughs up the cuticle and it takes longer. So this dries with a combo of warm and cool at the same time closing the cuticle making the hair smooth,” Tuggle said.

Tuggle says that’s why each lady can’t stop touching her super soft hair! He said, “It makes everything smooth and keeps the integrity of the hair.”

The volunteers all told us their hair feels silky and soft. Kim said, “It’s not heat. It’s cool. It’s not damaging my hair as much as the blow dryer and the straightening iron at the same time.”

And it was faster. It took each volunteer different amounts of time depending on their hair texture but they say they saved at least five minutes with the Revair.

Kim said, “I’d probably say it’s a deal once you get used to it. Once you figure it out it’s much easier. It really is!”

Annadell said, “Deal!”

Marty said, “Deal!”

You can buy Revair at The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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