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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — When you visit a beautiful garden like Reynolda Gardens in Winston-Salem, you may not be able to identify many of the plants you encounter.

That’s why the director of Reynolda Gardens, Jon Roethling, puts placards with plant names out and about.

“When someone is walking through and they smell something and they go ‘this is beautiful’ then there’s a name and they can look this up and say, ‘I want this in my garden,'” he said.

For places that don’t offer placards, you can try the mobile app Picture This. It’s designed to identify more than 10,000 plant species. Just upload a picture and the app identifies the plant, gives information about plant care, pest care and some fun facts.

Roethling says most of us know the common names of plants, but that can bring confusion.

“If you go up to the mountains and say, ‘I want honeysuckle.’ Well, honeysuckle in one county is azalea but in another county, it’s the vine we used to play with and get the flowers when we were kids, so common names are not grounded in science,” he said.

Instead, pay attention to the Latin names, which Picture This will also provide.

You can download Picture This for iPhones and Android phones. There’s a free seven-day trial. It’s $29 for an annual subscription.