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Some things haven’t changed much. Teenagers still love getting together at the shopping mall. But the way they communicate? Fifty years ago, the idea of texting from a mobile phone would seem like science fiction. Now it’s all most teenagers do.

FOX8 On Your Side asked teenagers what kind of texts they send. One teenager said, “I don’t use punctuation when I text.”

Typically, they don’t even spell out the words. They use codes instead.

FOX8 On Your Side found texting language that some teenagers use to hide behavior from their parents. We also found most parents are clueless about it.

That’s why we pulled together a focus group of sorts made up of parents and an uncle.
We sent them texts to see they could decipher them. “420” stands for marijuana. “BROKEN” means hungover from alcohol or drugs. “9” is a texting code to let someone know that a parent is watching. That’s also was “CD9,” “MOS,” and “PAW” mean.

As you can imagine, texting codes referring to sex are rampant. “IWSN” means I want sex now. These parents tell us they were shocked to hear how some teenagers are choosing to communicate. A dad told us he was surprised by “the extent that they will go to to hide things.”

And they realize they can’t stop it. An uncle said, “You’re not going to be able to stop teens. They will find another way to get the message across. It’s going to be up to adults to find out what these things mean.”

Some commonly used codes:

9 -Parent watching
CD9 – Code 9 – it means parents are around
99 – Parent gone
143 – I love you
BROKEN – hung over
420 – Marijuana
1337 – Elite or leet or L337
459 – I love you
53X – Sex
ADR – Address
ASL – Age/Sex/Location
1174 – the meeting place, meet at
F2F – Face-to-Face
GNOC – Get Naked On Cam
IWSN – I Want Sex Now